FAQ ~ Frequently Asked Questions

Can we afford The Bobby Byrne Show?

Bobby’s show is available in three different formats to suit almost every budget.

How far in advance do I have to book The Bobby Byrne Show?

At least four months in advance is necessary for your affair to be promoted in The Bobby Byrne Show Newsletter.  It is best to book weekend dates nine months to a year in advance.  Mid-week dates are often available on short notice.  Please call and we will be happy to provide a list of open dates.

Will Bobby help to promote his performance for us in any way?

In The Bobby Byrne Show Newsletter, Bobby Byrne will list, with your permission, the date and location of your affair along with a phone pharmacy number for tickets or reservations.   Bobby publishes his newsletter three times a year, sends it to thousands of people, and supplies it to thousands more at his shows.  He also provides a photo, resume and promotional brochure for your publicity campaign.

Does Bobby play for small parties like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings?

Yes, in addition to his cabaret and stage show, Bobby and his band perform for many private parties.

Does The Bobby Byrne Show provide its own sound system?

The Bobby Byrne Show is completely “self-contained”, meaning it arrives complete with all the ingredients necessary for a first-class production, including professional sound system, lighting, and first-rate musicians in addition to Bobby Byrne.