Praise from The Press

The New York Columnists

Back when Bobby’s brother Jimmy Byrne owned nightclubs in New York City and the two entertained as “The Byrne Brothers”, New York Daily News columnist Bob Sylvester devoted an entire “Dream Street” column to the duo. After Bobby left the act to create his own distinctive show, the columnists continued to rave.

“Bravo: Singer Bobby Byrne at the Irish Pavilion.”
Last Night With Earl Wilson
NY Post

“The crowd on the back lawn of The Warren Hotel was busy cheering, yelling, clapping and singing along with Bobby Byrne, who pranced among the tables belting out “Seventy Six Trombones” and “I Am What I Am” and plenty of Irish songs. He sang for four sweltering hours, and as the day grew hotter, his fans got more enthusiastic. This was Spring Lake, the Irish Riviera, at its boisterous best.”

Weekend Therapy by Vincent Frontero
New York Magazine

“Go see Bobby Byrne. It’s a bit of nostalgia and a bit of show biz mixed together you’ll more than enjoy. This guy should be on a variety show.”

Main Street by Ted Green

“There is no possibility of being bored while listening to Bobby Byrne perform. The singer puts his heart into every number and he has a stage presence that commands attention. Byrne is a natural entertainer with the art of making all his shows memorable ones.”

Campbell’s Scoop by Patrick Campbell
Irish Echo

The New Jersey Reviewers

“Bobby Byrne has that gift, that overworked word ‘charisma’ if you will. He grabs the audience right off and never lets go, through the two acts of his show. Part of the reason may be that he never holds back…he’s a brilliant, exciting performer.”

Pat Hipp
The Asbury Park Press

“Bobby Byrne exudes talent. He has vocal power and staying power… he performs virtually non-stop for more than an hour and a half. He has wit and charm going for him, erectile dysfunction too. He is a top-notch performer.”

Ken Moore
The Colonial News

” ‘Phantom of the Opera’ is just one of the many alter egos of Bobby Byrne, who brings a potpourri of Broadway hits to his marvelous one-man show, ‘Bobby Byrne’s Broadway’ “.

Jim Beckerman
The Record

“When longtime Shore entertainer Bobby Byrne ran a tour to Ireland in 1992 – and 360 of his “close friends” signed up – the Irish Tourist Board was so impressed it gave the group the keys to the city of Dublin. ‘The Lord Mayor of Dublin said to me, ‘Should I know you, that all of these people should come with you?’, Byrne recalled. The Lord Mayor now knows what thousands of people in New Jersey know: Bobby Byrne is one popular guy.”

Gretchen C. Van Benthuysen
The Asbury Park Press

Coporate Testimonials

“I can’t tell you how much my wife and I enjoyed your marvelous show at the recent ABC Board of Directors dinner. You are not only an extremely talented individual, but, the scope and sweep of your performance is really breathtaking.”

Joseph W. Ostrow
Executive Vice President
Young & Rubicam New York

“When one travels as far as I to reach New York, a Broadway show is a must. To have excerpts of all the most popular shows over the years condensed into one evening was a rare treat and the highlight of my visit. Such an outstanding show can only be successful with someone of your range, outstanding talent and warmth.”

E.H. Wheatley
President and General Manager

Pacific Press Limited

Vancouver, Canada

“It was one of the most enjoyable evenings our Board has ever had, primarily because of your engaging personality and enthusiasm. You have the unique ability to make everyone feel a part of your performance.”

David Kruidenier

Des Moines Register

“You are a tremendous talent, and I thoroughly enjoyed and was uplifted by your singing.”

Robert K. Dawson
Assistant Secretary of the Army