Welcome to The Bobby Byrne Show!

The Bobby Byrne Show is a unique blend of music that features Broadway show-stoppers, Irish ballads, Italian arias, hilarious novelty numbers, Elvis Presley rockers and old time sing-a-long songs. Bobby will often segue from a foot-stomping medley of Elvis Presley rockers to a classical aria like "Vesti La Giubba" from "Pagliacci". Then, before you can dry the tears after that one, he'll have you laughing at something called "Bridey Murphy and the Kamikaze Pilot". Read More »


In March, I will be 75, and I’ve decided that that will be the magic number. I’m not closing up shop tomorrow, but I do have a plan for putting the career to bed. Our next Travel & Entertainment Newsletter, in May, will be our last. In it, we’ll announce our final Bobby Byrne trips, and our farewell Bobby Byrne shows. My voice is as strong as ever, and I still get great joy from making people happy, so I’m sure the big question will be “Why?” Though there are various factors that inform that answer, I’m sure that those of you who have contemplated, and then embraced, retirement will understand when I say, “It’s just time.” In the words of Willie Nelson, “Funny, how time slips away….”